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Lotek Cloth set for Lotek Lamp Classic Design Benno Premsela


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Lotek Cloth set for Lotek Lamp Classic Design Benno Premsela

New Lotek Cloth for the Lotek Lamp Classic designed in 1982 by Benno Premsela. To replace the white fleece-line cloths of the Lotek lamp that discolour after several years of use. These can be replaced by this set of 2 new white wipes for the shade of the Lotek lamp Classic. It concerns the original canvases of Hollands Licht, the manufacturer of the Lotek Lamp in the color white. The shade of the Lotek Lamp Classic is 30 cm x 30 cm. The cloths are easy to change. The suggested retail price of this set is 32.60 euro, now at Smukdesign for 27 euro.


Delivery is free to the Netherlands and Belgium. For other countries please check for the shipping costs :

Hollands Licht

Hollands Licht presents the design talents from the Netherlands. The collection consists classics from the hand of well known designers. And they are inspired by new designers with their own view on light, material and use. Not only a lamp as an object, as well the applicability of the lamp in a room or interior is central. The development process includes a search for the right consistency of light effect and the functional use.


Benno Premsela

Benno Premsela (1920-1997) was the son of the famous Jewish family doctor Bernard Premsela. He studied before and after World War II interior design at the “new art school”. During the war, he was forced to interrupt his study  In his minimalist work are beauty and functionality closely related. Under his leadership as Chief of the shop window and Interior Department of de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam he realised some spectacular window displays. Benno premsela has designed multiple products but his most famous design is this Lotek Lamp Classic.



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