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King Arthur Wall Lamp Design Jesse Visser by Hollands Licht



King Arthur Wall Lamp Design Jesse Visser by Hollands Licht

The King Arthur Wall lamp is designed by Jesse Visser for Hollands Licht. A minimalist Wall lamp inspired by a medieval candle holder. The King Arthur Wall lamp is made of anodized aluminum and available in colors matte brushed gold or deep matte black. The lamp is cleverly designed and can be produced without glue or welding. The King Arthur wall light is 30 cm wide, 33 cm high and 20 cm deep. Very suitable as mood lighting in the living room, but also in a stairwayl very fine. And what about two pieces next to the head of the bed.


The King Arthur wall light will be deliverd with a environment-friendly LED light source as on the images. The light source is a 4.5 Watt LED light source, the light output is similar to a 40 Watt conventional bulb. The color of the light is 2700K what we experience as warm light.

Jesse Visser

Jesse Visser likes to searche for new production techniques, innovative materials, finding the best solution that will bring the product to a higher level. He challenges himself to break down a product to its essence and then built it up with as few resources as possible, which result in functional high end pieces. His products are often conceptual but always functional, clear and clever detailed. Apart from being a designer, he is art director of ‘Brothers and Sons’ and works as a lecturer at ‘Utrecht School of the Arts’ in The Netherlands.

Hollands Licht

Hollands Licht presents the design talents from the Netherlands. The collection consists classics from the hand of well known designers. They are also inspired by new designers with their own view on light, material and use. Not only a lamp as an object, as well the applicability of the lamp in a room or interior is central. The development process includes a search for the right consistency of light effect and the functional use.


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