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Duck and Duckling Design Hans Bolling by Architectmade

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Duck and Duckling Design Hans Bolling by Architectmade

The wooden ducks are designed by Hans Bolling in 1959 under the name Duck and Duckling. A family of ducks stopped traffic in Copenhagen. We’re serious. It was in the neighborhood of Frederiksberg in 1959, precisely during rush hour, that a family of ducks waddled into traffic, prompting a police man to immediately stop all cars and pedestrians so the ducks could cross unharmed. This charming moment made headlines and wooed the hearts of all Danes, specifically Hans Bølling who was so enamored by the story that he was inspired to create the Duck and Ducklings family. They are made of teak wood, the big duck is 18 cm high and the small duck 9 cm. A nice set with a nice story what can beautify your sideboard.

Hans Bolling

The Designs of Hans Bølling are known for its humor, this Discus Birds are a beautiful example. Designs from Hans Bolling bring a smile on your face. A passionate spirit whose practice and products are inspired by creative diversity, Early in his career he began to craft small figures from botanicals as gifts for family and friends. The precision and personality in his objects paved the way for success as he quickly began to sell the wooden figures to stores. Bølling’s interest in architecture drew him back to school for a secondary degree after training as an advertising designer, growing his practice beyond objects to include villas, living complexes and town halls.


Architectmade is more than a collection, it is a philosophy. They search the archives, drawings and museums for rare design objects designed by Danish master-designers. And why? Because passion goes beyond form and function. The are products you don’t get tired of looking at, and with excellent craftsmanship alongside three rounds of quality control, they are made to stand the test of time. The Architectmade objects are designed to share, for generations to come.


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