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Grape Wine rack Design Robert Bronwasser by Goods


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Grape wine rack Design Robert Bronwasser by Goods

The Grape wine rack is designed by Robert Bronwasser for the Dutch Designlabel Goods. It is made of EPP a durable and very strong plastic which is mainly used by the packaging industry. By choosing this material, the Grape Wine Rack is surprisingly light yet very sturdy and solid. Due to the special design, the wine rack is stackable. The Grape is suitable for 12 bottles with a maximum diameter of 9 cm. So it not only fits wine bottles, but also most champagne bottles. The Grape wine rack is 60 cm  (23,62 inch) high, 40 cm (15,74 inch) wide and 18 cm (7,08 inch) deep. Not only suitable for use in the living room, but also an eye-catcher in the kitchen. And in its beautiful packaging, it is an ideal gift for design lovers.

Wall Mounting set

It is also possible to hang your Grape Wine Rack on the wall, there is a Wall Mounting set for the Grape Wine Rack available.

Robert Bronwasser

As an architect’s son, Robert Bronwasser (1968) grew up in a creative family. In 1992, he graduated cum laude as an industrial designer from Delft University of Technology with a project for Philips Design. As a student, Bronwasser started his own design studio, which was renamed SMOOL in 2002. SMOOL is located in Amsterdam at a gorgeous location near the IJ lake. This design studio prides itself in a personal approach and is dominated by Bronwasser’s vision of commercial product design. With a combination of creativity, many years of experience and knowledge of production processes, he develops a constant flow of successful products. He is happiest when he can share his products with a large audience and when his designs bring about a smile when used. The many awards which Bronwasser has already won (such as IF Awards, the Red Dot Award and GIO Awards) and the many exhibitions which featured his products testify that the latter is definitely the case.


The Grape Winerack is produced by Goods  a brand founded in 1995, inspired by the human being’s ancient custom of gift-giving. Nowadays, the collection consists of prominent home accessories and small furniture by Dutch designers. These designers are both internationally acclaimed and young talents. Products from Goods are widely available in international museums, such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Iceland Design Centre.


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