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Mercury Wall Lamp Design Jeanette Holdgaard Woud


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Mercury Wall Lamp Design Jeanette Holdgaard Woud

The Mercury Wall lamp is a graphic work of art designed by Jeanette Holdgaard for the Danish manufacturer Woud. The industrial look combined with the round LED light makes the lamp into a beautiful object on the wall. A brilliant solution when you have no power supply for a Wall lamp in the wall on height, only an outlet on about 30 cm above the floor. The dimmer on the hood ensures that the Mercury Wall lamp can be dimmed to a atmospheric light. The height of the total lamp is 152 cm, the width is 110 cm and he is only 9 cm deep. The LED light source for the Mercury Wall lamp is included.


The light source of the Mercury Wall Lamp is a 8 Watt LED light source corresponding to the light output of a 60 Watt conventional light bulb. The color of the light is 2700 K, what we experience as warm white light. The LED Light source is included with the lamp.

Jeanette Holdgaard

Jeanette Holdgaard is a talented designer and Art Director at WOUD. She graduated from VIA University College with a Bachelor specialising in Design and Furniture. Other than designing furniture and lighting, Jeanette has a great passion for painting colourful graphic artwork.


On a cold night in January 2014 Mia and Torben Koed felt it was time for change. After working 30 years in production and sales of private label furniture manufacturer, they wanted to challenge themselves professionally. This was the start of the Danish label WOUD.. A brand with high ambitions and high quality rooted in Nordic Design tradition. The founding idea was to supply perfection and sharing the love for honest Design. The result is a stunning Collection.



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