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Domo Wall Lamp Design Joe Colombo by Karakter


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Domo Wall Lamp Design Joe Colombo by Karakter Copenhagen

The Domo Wall lamp is designed by the Italian master designer Joe Colombo. The Wall lamp is part of the Domo series. Now re-released by the Danish label Karakter Copenhagen with in the series also a table lamp and floor lamp. Joe Colombo designed the three lamps in 1965. The Domo wall lamp is like all Colombo designs functional and optimal adjustable, the height is adjustable and the hood can be rotated. The Domo wall lamp is a design icon and a practical retro reading lamp. He is 100 cm high and 72 cm deep including the pivoting hood. It is available in black and on the black cord is the on-off switch.

Joe Colombo

The Domo Wall lamp is designed by Joe Colombo. He is one of the great Italian designers of the last century. He became only 41 years old but has produced a lot of design icons, the Domo Wall lamp is one of them. While he even the first four years after his studies in Milan still has been working as a painter and sculptor before he turned to furniture and lighting designs. Believed in democratic and functional design. Flexible and convertible furniture meant to be used in many different ways—all for the benefit of the user. He experimented with new materials and the latest technologies and designed futuristic “machines for living”, many of which have become icons for a new way of living.


The Domo wall light comes with a environment-friendly LED light source. This light source is a 8 Watt LED with a  light output similar to a 60 Watt conventional bulb. The color of the light is 2700K what we experience as warm light.

Karakter Copenhagen

The Domo wall light is produced by Karakter Copenhagen, a Danish design label specializing in the production of furniture, lighting and Interior objects of very high quality. In the collection you will find designs icons from well known designers as well as beautiful new designs of the new generation designers. The designs in the collection of Karakter Copenhagen are extraordinary, uncompromising and inspirational.



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