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Mondo Pendant Light Design Antonio Facco by Oblure


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Mondo Pendant Light Design Antonio Facco by Oblure

The Mondo Pendant Light is designed by Antonio Facco for the Swedish design label Oblure. The Pendant Light has a classic soul but contemporary ambitions. It combines a planetary physical image with an abstract concept of originality programmed by the beholder. The Mondo Pendant Light consist of four metal shades, mounted in pairs,overlapping each other which allow the beholder to interact with the lamp. The possibility of interacting with the lamp offers you an infinite dialogue.The overlapping patterns controls the luminous effect through the movement of the metallic stratifications whose perception changes according to the setup. The sphere is of Opal white glass and has a diameter of 28 cm. The frame of the Pendant Light is matt black lacquered.


The Mondo Pendant Light will be delivered with an environment-friendly 6W LED light source.  The light output of this light source corresponds to the output of a conventional 40W light bulb  The color of the light is 2700 k, we experience this as warm white  light.

Antonio Facco

Antonio Facco is an Italian designer from Milan. Since the beginning he has always paid great attention towards the evolution of contemporary design and communication. Through the analysis of new generations’ behavior and habits he draws hints and inspiration for his designs. He has already designed various products for Cappellini and now the Mondo series for Oblure.


Oblure is the union between the words object and allure, which is the core of the brand – to make alluring objects. The brand is founded and based in Gothenburg, Sweden. They produce, market and sell lighting products and objects in collaboration with internationally known designers.


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