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Notic Pendant Light Design Bower Studio for Oblure



Notic Pendant Light Design Notchi Architects for Oblure

The Notic pendant light is designed by Notchi Architects for the Swedish lighting company Oblure. The lamps in this series are a tribute to various classic architecture styles. The graphics black steel shade embraces the complex geometry of the opal white glass, which diffuses the light in a hypnotic way. The Notic pendant light has a focus on down light combined with a gentle illumination through the shade on ceiling and wall. The Notic pendant light is 44 cm high and is 22 cm wide and deep. It comes with a black textile cable.


The Notic Pendant light will be delivered with an environment-friendly 6W LED light source.  The light output of this light source corresponds to the output of a conventional 40W light bulb  The color of the light is 2700 k, we experience this as warm white light.


Notchi Architects integrates architecture and visual arts. Working with products, installations and architecture the understanding of the relation between space and object is strong and the quest to find the right objects for a specific space sometimes results in new products.

The studio is founded by Carl-Magnus Elander och Oscar Gillkvist.


Oblure is the union between the words object and allure, which is the core of the brand – to make alluring objects. The brand is founded and based in Gothenburg, Sweden. They produce, market and sell lighting products and objects in collaboration with internationally known designers.


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