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Annular Pendant Design MSDS Studio for Woud

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Annular Pendant Design MSDS Studio for Woud

The Annular Pendant designed by MSDS Studio has a conical hood where you expect a light source in the center. The special feature of this lamp is the elegant light source witch is processed in the edge of the shade. The special lens in the shade creates a nice regular dispersion of light. What initially seems a classic conical pendant light, shows an innovative tour de force. The Annular hanging lamp Large is 24 cm high and the diameter is 32 cm. It is available in white, nude/pink, mint and black. The cord has the same color as the shade of the lamp. There is also a larger version available, the Annular pendant Large.

LED lighting

A LED light puts 90 percent of the energy into light and only 10 percent into heat. A conventional light bulb does exactly the opposite. A Led bulb consumes less power to produce the same light output. This is a considerable reduction in use of electricity and this is good for the environment. And LED bulbs have a longer service life than other light sources. So it’s cheaper and better for the environment to use Led light sources instead of conventional light bulbs. The light source of the Annular Pendant is a 12 Watt LED light source corresponding to the light output of a 75 Watt conventional light bulb. The color of the light is 2700 K, what we experience as  warm light. The LED Light source is included with the lamp.


On a cold night in January 2014 Mia and Torben Koed felt it was time for change. After working 30 years in production and sales of private label furniture manufacturer, they wanted to challenge themselves professionally. This was the start of the Danish label WOUD.  A brand with high ambitions and high quality rooted in Nordic Design tradition. The founding idea was to supply perfection and sharing the love for honest Design. The result is a stunning Collection.

MSDS Studio

MSDS Studio is a multi disciplinary Design Studio in Toronto, in addition to product design they also design complete interiors. Their versatility and choice of materials makes them to innovative designers of furniture and lighting with often surprising solutions. They have designed  products for various Scandinavian manufacturers such as Muuto and Woud.


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