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2065 Pendant Light Design Gino Sarfatti Astep

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2065 Pendant Light Design Gino Sarfatti Astep

The 2065 Pendant Light Design 1950 for Astep emphasises the innovative, experimental approach of Gino Sarfatti. At that time, the favoured material of the lighting industry was glass. When Gino Sarfatti received the first samples of methacrylate in 1949–50, a new polymer plastic’, mutch stronger and lighter than glass, his experiments led him to a new suspension lamp, Model 2065. As in so many of his designs, he continued to work with different compositions, dimensions and colour variants over the following years. 2065 Pendant Light consists of a diffuser made of two joined opalescent saucers, suspended from the ceiling with a black or a white canopy. The simplicity of Gino Sarfatti’s elliptical design and the lightness of the materials make for a seemingly weightless luminaire. The luminaire was relaunched by Astep in 2016, which also introduced a black version where the upper saucer is finished with a soft-touch coating. This leaves the lower diffuser as the only light source, creating a more intimate light space and a strong, graphic expression. The diameter of the 2065 pendant light is 50 cm.


We ship the 2065 Pendant Light without extra costs in Europe. For other countries the shipping costs are maximum 40 euro. The delivery time is 3-4 weeks.

LED lighting

The light sources of the 2065 Pendant Light are 5 dimmable  4 Watt LED light sources corresponding to the light output of 5x  25 Watt conventional light bulbs. The color of the light is 2700 K, what we experience as  warm white light. The LED Light sources are included with the lamp.


Astep is a Danish design label with Italian roots. The family Sarfatti,Grandfather Gino, Father Riccardo  and son Alessandro Sarfatti are the founders of this beautiful lighting brand. They bring in addition to famous classics from the 50 years also new products with very innovative techniques on the market. Astep creates new products for the home – objects that give digital technologies a more meaningful standing in our domestic lives. Honoring evolution in design, they also re-edit iconic objects: timeless works by Gino Sarfatti and Vittoriano Viganò that were born from the same optimistic forward-thinking attitude that continues to inspire us today.

Flos with Sarfatti

The Flos with Sarfatti collection is a tribute to Gino Sarfatti who designed over 600 lamps between 1939 and 1973 and is renowned for his contribution to the modern architectural movement in lighting. Many of these designs appear exceptionally contemporary in terms of form, aesthetics and the relationship they establish with the people in the room. Under the name ‘Flos with Sarfatti’, the two families will continue to explore and reintroduce the work of lighting master Gino Sarfatti. The selected models display the visionary and multi-faceted talent of Gino Sarfatti, his dedication to innovation and his commitment to creating humble, yet powerful pieces with the newest inventions at his hand. The diverse range of luminaires are held together by a coherent quality of timeless refinement. Masterpieces that awaken the power of light, technology and design.

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