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Mono Bar Stool Design Kasper Nyman for Woud


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Mono Bar Stool Design Kasper Nyman for Woud

The Mono Bar stool is designed by Kasper Nyman for Woud. A beautiful minimalist stool for a comfortable place at the counter or kitchen island. The design Kasper Nyman based on the possibilities of a new kind of a bendable plywood. With conventional plywood was not possible to fabricate this construction. The inspiration for this design is the ability to the wood to fold like a sheet of paper into a cone shape. This makes the details of the Mono Bar Stool so unique. The stools are produced in Denmark in 2 variations, natural varnished oak or black lacquered oak. The Mono Bar stool is 88 cm high and 45 cm wide, has a seat height of 75 cm.  In addition to the Mono Bar Stool there is the Mono Counter Stool, this has a seat height of 6 cm.


We know bar stools are rarely purchased per piece, but usually by 2 or 3 pieces. Are you interested in multiple Mono Bar Stools, please send an email to and we’ll send you a suitable proposal.


On a cold night in January 2014 Mia and Torben Koed felt it was time for change. After working 30 years in production and sales of private label furniture manufacturer, they wanted to challenge themselves professionally. This was the start of the Danish label WOUD.. A brand with high ambitions and high quality rooted in Nordic Design tradition. The founding idea was to supply perfection and sharing the love for honest Design. The result is a stunning Collection.

Kasper Nyman

Kasper Nyman is a Finnish designer who designs his products from a strong idea with identity, functionality and quality at focus. “I strive to challenge my self and the materials used in order to create products that comprehend modern Scandinavian design and visual simplicity. My major focus in design is on material and construction and I base my products on a strong idea, identity, functionality and quality” – Kasper Nyman


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