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Spanish Chair Design Borge Mogensen Fredericia

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Spanish Chair Design Borge Mogensen voor Fredericia

The Spanish Chair Armchair was designed by Borge Mogensen after a journey through Spain. Mogensen has seen traditional chairs with wide arm rests with influences from Moorish culture. This was his inspiration for the design in 1958 of the Spanish Chair with the wide armrests. This armrest also provide place for a glass or ashtray. A side table was not always necessary at this Chair. The strong saddle leather available in naturel, cognac or black is adjustable by means of brass buckles under the seat. This Scandinavian Design classic is available different finishes solid oak. The Spanish Chair is a comfortable armchair because of its low seat height of 33 cm. The Chair is 82 cm wide and 60 cm deep, 67 cm high.


Fredericia was founded as a Danish Design label, born of a proud heritage. A legacy of unparalleled dedication to the perfection and development of the art of designing. The simple principles such as quality, selection of materials, functionality and attention to detail are the basis for the collection. In addition, they are proud to have a long-term cooperation with a carefully chosen international designers, all known for their exceptional level and great products. The result is a high quality collection that is valued by connoisseurs worldwide.

Borge Mogensen

Borge Mogensen is one of the most influential designers of the Danish Modern design. The ideal picture of Borge Mogensen was able to design furniture with an austere restrained aesthetics. Mogensen’s ideal was to create furniture with a restrained aesthetic. He believed that furniture should create a sense of tranquillity and have a modest appearance that encourages people to live their lives unpretentiously. There was a close bond between Borge Morgensen and Fredericia CEO Andreas Graversen, during this intense cooperation were the most recognized designs developed


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