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Tip Toe Rack Design Steffensen and Würtz by Wendelbo


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Tip Toe Rack Design Steffensen and Würtz by Wendelbo

The Tip Toe Rack is a combination of a shelf and a clothes rack and can be used as a key shelf in the hallway or just a shelf for decorative items. The design by Steffensen and Würtz is minimalistic and graphic. The Tip Toe Rack is made of black steel, there are two sizes and they can be mounted in two positions. This allows you to create a beautiful graphic design on your wall. The small is 60 cm long and the large is 90 cm long. They are both 22 cm high and 18 cm deep. The depth creates space to hang a garment or something else beautiful.



Won design was a young and innovative Danish design furniture label. Founded in 2015 on a solid foundation of three generations of passion for furniture design. A subsidiary of the Danish Wendelbo. Nowadays, Won Design no longer exists and a large part of the collection has merged into the Wendelbo collection.


Wendelbo is a Danish furniture manufacturer that has cherished the Scandinavian craftsmanship tradition for three generations and released innovative and classic designs in a modern and contemporary context. From the very beginning, the goal was to develop and produce furniture with a strong visual identity, optimal function and comfort. They do not compromise on quality and sustainability.

Steffensen & Wurtz

Steffensen & Wurtz is a collaboration between the two designers Thomas Steffensen and Pia Würtz Mogensen. With an honest approach to design, they strive to create designs that add value to your everyday life. They love challenging our creative and methodological approach to create products and furniture that make sense and have a great personality. A product design should awaken your curiosity and even make you smile.





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