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Frame Wall Rack Design Cecilia Xinyu Zhang Northern



Frame Wall Rack Design Cecilia Xinyu Zhang Northern

Thinking as an architect and design as an artist, Thats how Cecilia Xinyu Zhange found the idea of the Frame wall rack for Northern. The Frame shelving unit can be used for clothing or other objects as magazines or newspapers. Frame is already beautiful without that it is in use by the geometric shapes that fit together. The frame wall rack is 88 cm and 53 cm high and has 4 wall mounting points, so it hangs firmly on the wall. The material is matte dark grey steel.


Northern is the new company name of Northern Lighting. Their success on the lighting market is so great that they decided to also add furniture to the collection. Northern Lighting was founded in Oslo in 2005, their designs are of Scandinavian simplicity and are affected by the ever-changing nature of the northern lights. Whether it’s hanging lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, candlesticks with candles or tea lights, each of their products improves the quality of the light in your home. There now is a fresh collection of furniture added.

Cecilia Xinyu Zhang

Cecilia was born and raised in Beijing, She got her masters at the Academy of Design and crafts in Gothenburg, Sweden. After her graduation, she moved to Bergen, Norway. Her designs are characterised by a different look at objects and space. Cecilia explores possibilities for creating optical illusions in everyday products, making two-dimensional objects that look like three-dimensional or large scale designs that look smaller. For Northern she designed two of those objects, the Frame wall rack and the Nook Rack.


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