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Penguins Design Hans Bunde by Architectmade

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Penguins Design Hans Bunde by Architectmade

The wooden Penguin was designed by Hans Bunde in 1954. He designed them as a gift for his two sisters. There are two sizes, the Large Penguin is 26 cm high and the Small is 18 cm high all ready to move out in to the world. The Penguins are made of beech wood and are hand painted. The painted back represents the gracious plumage of the bird whereas the unpainted chest reveals the natural qualities of the beech wood. The  Penguins are particularly graceful and together they form a beautiful decoration on a dresser, in a cabinet or on a table.

Hans Bunde

Hans Bunde was born in 1919 and is known as a highly skilled silversmith, graduate of the internationally renowned Cohr silver, he was very influenced by Wiwen Nilsson a very famous silversmith who also designed for the Swedish Royal family. Hans Bunde designed a large variety of products in collaboration with Cohr silver. In the period around 1950-1960 is the principal designer for Cohr silver.


Architectmade is more than a collection, it is a philosophy. They search the archives, drawings and museums for rare design objects designed by Danish master-designers. And why? Because passion goes beyond form and function. The are products you don’t get tired of looking at, and with excellent craftsmanship alongside three rounds of quality control, they are made to stand the test of time. The Architectmade objects are designed to share, for generations to come.



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