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New Wave Optic Wall Lamp Design by US



New Wave Optic Wall Lamp Design by US

The New Wave Optic Wall Lamp is designed by te Danish company Design by US. This beautiful wall lamp creates a great light pattern on the wall like waves on the beach. The New Wave Optic wall Lamp is ads atmosphere and intimacy with his hand-blown wavy glass. It is available in three colors; Rose, Smoke or transparent glass. This lamp will give any wall a completely different look. The New Wave Optic Wall lamp is 26 cm in diameter and is 14 cm deep. Anly at Smukdesign delivered with matching crown silver or gold light bulb. The lamp with the rose glass comes with a golden crown bulb, the transsparent and the smoke with a silver crown bulb. The lamp has standard a black braided cord, it is also possible to connect it directly on a light fixture on the wall.


The New Wave Optic Wall Lamp will be delivered with an environment-friendly 3.5 W LED light source. The light output of this light source corresponds with the output of a conventional 25W light bulb  The color of the light is 2700 k, we experience this as warm white light.

Design by US

The New Wave Optic Wall Lamp is designed and produced by Design by US, a company founded in 1999 as a creative platform for the designer Rasmus Larsson. It was formed from an experimental environment and as a creative playground, where ideas and designs were born and developed. The young design style was fashionable-modern, humoristic and provocative. Even though Design by US has now become a mature design company,  those are still the values that defines the company as we know it today. Besides designing they now also own the production of the products and ensure the quality and the delivery of their products.


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