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Tatu Lamp Design Andre Ricard by Santa & Cole



Tatu Lamp Design Andre Ricard by Santa & Cole

The Tatu Lamp designed by Andre Ricard is soon available again.Inspired by the Armadillo with a shell on its back that protects it when it rolls up into a ball. This Pop-art design classic is again marketed by Santa and Cole. This flexible lamp consists of three parts that can turn independently of each other. So you can customize for use on a shelf, desk or bedside table. Even  as wall light, the fittings are included. The implementation of Santa & Cole Edition is improved over the previous design by applying LED technology. This makes the light intensity dimming from 0 to 100% easily and the light source is much less warm and more durable. The movable lens is also improved, the result is that the intensity and the focal length of the light now is adjustable.


A LED light puts 90 percent of the energy into light and only 10 percent into heat. A conventional light bulb does exactly the opposite. A Led bulb consumes less power to produce the same light output. This is a considerable reduction in use of electricity and this is good for the environment. And LED bulbs have a longer service life than other light sources. So it’s cheaper and better for the environment to use Led light sources instead of conventional light bulbs.

Santa & Cole is a Spanish manufacturer of lighting and outdoor furniture. Since its founding in 1985 they went looking for well-designed products from the past. Those good enough they reintroduced. All designs and products meet high quality standards. The Design Classic Lighting they also improved to suit for LED lighting. The purpose of Santa Cole is not to create a big collection, they present a high-quality collection containing products of very respectable designers such as Miguel Milá, Arne Jacobsen, Andre Ricard  and Ilmari Tapiovaara.

Andre Ricard

André Ricard is born in 1929 in Barcelona, he is a Famous Catalan industrial designer. He designed the torch for the Olympic Games of 1992. In 1993, he received the Creu de Sant Jordi award. Andre Ricard has designed many design icons, for Metalarte the Tatu lamp and the iconic Copenhaguen stackable Ashtray for Mobles 114.


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