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Blender Table Lamp Design by Design by US



Blender Table Lamp Design by Design by US

The Blender table lamp is designed by the team of Design by Us. It is an industrial table lamp that gives a soft and cozy light trough the facet cut glass shade. The Blender is a real eyecatcher and adds a sense of atmosphere to your room. He fits just about anywhere in a room where is need for ambient illumination. The Blender table lamp is elegant, simple but also very refined. The Blender is characterized by a heavy block of marble combined with smoked glass facet cut wich the light attractively spreads through the  space. He is 38 cm high, has a diameter of 19 cm and has an on/off switch on the foot. The Blender table lamp is a modern table lamp with a raw vintage edge, a jewel for in your home.


The Blender table Lamp will be delivered with an environment-friendly 6W LED light source. The light output of this light source corresponds to the output of a conventional 40W light bulb  The color of the light is 2700 k, we experience this as warm white light.

Design by US

The Blender table lamp is designed and produced by Design by US, a company founded in 1999 as a creative platform for the designer Rasmus Larsson. It was formed from an experimental environment and as a creative playground, where ideas and designs were born and developed. The young design style was fashionable-modern, humoristic and provocative. Even though Design by US has now become a mature design company,  those are still the values that defines the company as we know it today. Besides designing they now also own the production of the products and ensure the quality and the delivery of their products.




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