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Cirrata Lamp Design Markus Johansson for Oblure


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Cirrata Lamp Design Markus Johansson for Oblure

The Cirrata Lamp is designed by Markus Johansson for Oblure. The Cirrata is an octopus who lives in the deep ocean has Markus inspired to design this particularly elegant appearance. He has tried many materials for the production of the lamp and eventually it became die-cast aluminum. This is the perfect form and creates a sustainable product. The Cirrata lamp is available in two colors, white or grey. The Cirrata Lamp is 44 cm high and has a diameter of 22 cm. This mood lamp is an object for a table, cabinet or sideboard, and by its format also good as decorative floor lamp.


The Cirrata lamp will be delivered with an environment-friendly 6W LED light source.  The light output of this light source corresponds to the output of a conventional 40W light bulb  The color of the light is 2700 k, we experience this as warm light.

Markus Johansson

Markus Johansson design studio is working in segments of products, furniture, graphic and interior design. The inspiration comes from various environments stretching from the human to the artefact, through analysing and processes. The vision is to combine construction, function and form to enrich the everyday experience. Environmental thinking is of course important, but shouldn’t hinder creativity.


Oblure is the union between the words object and allure, which is the core of the brand – to make alluring objects. The brand is founded and based in Gothenburg, Sweden. We produce, market and sell lighting products and objects in collaboration with internationally known designers.



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