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Palma Pendant 3724 Design Antoni Arola for Vibia


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Palma Pendant 3724 Design Antoni Arola for Vibia

The Palma Pendant 3724 is designed by Antoni Arola for Vibia is part of the Palma lamp series. With the Palma Pendant 3724 nature takes control of the space. With the pendant lamps the interior ambience takes on a life of its own with the possibility of integrating plants with the lighting compositions. The 3724 has 1 light and a bowl where you can place a plant in. The bulb is blown Opal white glass and has 2 dimmable 4,6W  LED light sources and a diameter of 22 cm. The bulbs hang from three thin steel cables, it looks like they float. The steel cables are also the power supply.. The bulb rests in a steel rings that is mounted at a fixed spot on the cables. The height is adjustable, the maximum height of the lamp is 250 cm. In addition to the Palma Pendant 3724 there is also de Palma Pendant 3726 with two bulbs.


A LED light puts 90 percent of the energy into light and only 10 percent into heat. A conventional light bulb does exactly the opposite. A Led bulb consumes less power to produce the same light output. This is a considerable reduction in use of electricity and this is good for the environment. And LED bulbs have a longer service life than other light sources. So it’s cheaper and better for the environment to use Led light sources instead of conventional light bulbs. The light sources of the Palma Pendants are two 4,6 Watt LED light source corresponding to the light output of a 40 Watt conventional light bulb. The color of the light is 2700 K, what we experience as  warm light. The LED Light source is included with the lamp.


Everyone has a deep and fundamental connection to natural light. It nourishes us in nature and soothes us in the build environments in which we work, live and love. At Vibia we believe that life is more joyful, beautiful and rewarding when you consider light. We always design with natural light at the forefront of our minds, finding ways for it to feature in every part of living, both now and in the future. We design beautiful, purposeful objects and we invite people to use them to conduct their own performance of light.

Antoni Arola

Antoni Arola is nowadays one of the most outstanding figures in Spanish design. His work is characterized by its great versatility, which has allowed him to fulfill brilliantly the design either of a perfume bottle or of his renown lamps, or to undertake the interior design of modern indoor spaces. Arola was awarded the Spanish National Design Prize 2003. Antoni Arola is the designer of the Palma and Flamingo collection for Vibia. His projects include diverse fields of design: lighting, articles of furniture, landscaping and exhibitions. With the Flamingo hanging lamp Arola combines artistic experimentation in his design work with lighting research through the use of materials and LED technology


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