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Lokki 500 Pendant Design Yki Nummi by Innolux

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Lokki 500 Pendant Design Yki Nummi by Innolux

Lokki 500 Pendant was designed in 1960 by Yki Nummi and is now produced by Innolux. The elegant Innolux Lokki is a pioneer among light fixtures made of acryl and is one of the best-known Finnish design classics. The design is innovative and timeless. The name Lokki comes from the Finnish word for seagull, which soar in the high, clear sky while the sun shines down. The Lokki pendant lamp light features are outstanding. It provides both indirect and direct light and is non-glaring, because the light source itself does not shine directly into your eyes from any angle. The 500 Lokki hanging lamp has a diameter of 50 cm. Characterizing the chrome chains in the construction of this affordable design classic.


The light source of the Lokki 500 Pendant lamp is a 6 Watt LED light source corresponding to the light output of a 40 Watt conventional light bulb. The color of the light is 2700 K, what we experience as warm white light. The LED Light source is included with the lamp.

Yki Nummi

Yki Nummi is considered one of the most remarkable Scandinavian designers who worked between the 1950s and the 1970s. He worked as lighting designer for the Finnish Stockmann-Orno luminaire factory from 1950 to 1975 and designed hundreds of light fixtures during this period. Nummi’s best-known luminaires are the Modern Art table lamp and the Lokki pendant lamp, also known as “The Flying Saucer”. Yki Nummi was a pioneer in his field, especially when it came to designing acrylic lamps.


Innolux is a Finnish lighting manufacturer and lighting specialist, founded in 1993. They have their own production in Finland where more than 80% of the products are produced. The beautiful design and high quality Innolux products are a long-lasting source of well-being for your home. In addition to a design collection, Innolux also has a collection of Bright Light with some daylight lamps that help you to reduce winter depression.



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