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Dalston Pendant Light W162 Design Sam Hecht and Kim Colin by Wastberg

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Dalston Pendant Light W162 Design Sam Hecht and Kim Colin by Wastberg

The Dalston Pendant Light W261is designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin for the Swedish company Wastberg. The inspiration for this design is influenced by the lamps commonly found in workshops and warehouses.  The lamps display an honesty and practicality in their light output, materiality and durability. The Dalston Pendant light refines and updates this practicality with the latest LED light source, directing light downwards, as well as partly illuminating its outside shade. In the cast aluminum LED unit is the dimmable LED light source, this unit is available in gold, silver or black. The steel shade is available in two sizes, the small with a diameter of 30 cm and large with a diameter of 37 cm. They are both available in various colors or in shiny satin signal white. The inside of the shade is the same color as the outside. You will get the right combination on your screen when you choose the order options. Altogether there are 48 variations as possible, so there is always a combination that fits well in your interior.


We ship the Dalston Pendant Light W162  without extra costs in Europe. For other countries the shipping costs are maximum 40 euro. Check your shopping basket for your price. The delivery time is 3-4 weeks.


The light source for the Dalston Pendant Light W162 s a dimmable 9 Watt LED light source with a light output corresponding to the light output of a 75 Watt conventional light bulb. The color of the light is 2700 K, what we experience as warm white light.

Sam Hecht and Kim Colin

Sam Hecht and Kim Colin are the founders of the design office Industrial Facility in London. Their designs reflect both a meticulous attention to detail and a thoughtful consideration of its context. Hecht is from London; Colin is from Los Angeles. They have developed production projects for companies ranging from Yamaha and Herman Miller to Wästberg.


Wästberg is a Swedish manufacturer of designer lighting, their objective is bringing back light to the actual need. And to save on energy and raw materials, in the interests of a world that has already exceeded its limits. With a scaled-down general lighting in the ceiling, and sophisticated direct light from desk lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps and pendant lamps. This in close collaboration with some of the world’s most renowned architects, designers and lighting experts such as Bolle Tham and Martin Videgard, Nendo, David Chipperfield and Maarten Van Severen.


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