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Silo Floor Lamp by Note Design Studio for Zero


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Silo Floor Lamp design Note Design Studio for Zero

The Silo floor lamp is designed by Note Design for Zero Lighting. It is a modern industrial floor lamp inspired by the silhouette of a grain silo. The hood of the Silo floor lamp is adjustable, making it an ideal reading lamp. The lamp is available in six colors; White, black, green, grey, ivory and apricot. The height of the lamp is 135 cm and the hood has a diameter of 15 cm, the lamp is operated by a cord switch.


A LED light puts 90 percent of the energy into light and only 10 percent into heat. A conventional light bulb does exactly the opposite. A Led bulb consumes less power to produce the same light output. This is a considerable reduction in use of electricity and this is good for the environment. And LED bulbs have a longer service life than other light sources. So it’s cheaper and better for the environment to use Led light sources instead of conventional light bulbs. The light source of the Silo Floor Lamp is a 8 Watt LED light source corresponding to the light output of a 60 Watt conventional light bulb. The color of the light is 2700 K, what we experience as  warm light. The LED Light source is included with the lamp.


Zero is a Swedish family company founded in 1978. The still undiscovered lighting collection is characterized by a sober design with a surprising twist. Zero is aware of the ecological footprint and therefore makes use of sustainable materials and energy-efficient lighting solutions. They use 80% of the components from local suppliers. The brand takes inspiration from the vicinity of the Swedish inland, where the winter landscape can be dark but the glint of the snow can have a magical impact.

Note Design Studio

Note is a Stockholm-based design studio founded in 2008 by Johannes Carlström, Cristiano Pigazzini, Susanna Wåhlin, Kristoffer Fagerström and Daniel Hecksher working within the fields of architecture, interior,  product, graphic as well as design strategy. Our philosophy is:  Creativity is about searching for what is missing, to constantly realign thoughts and expressions to find that moment of insight when everything clicks. At Note we collaborate intensely, with personal passion and our design disciplines – interior, product, graphic, architecture, and strategies – to share our insights with the world.


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