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Arc Sidetable Design Julie Begtrup and Ditte Vad by Woud

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Arc Sidetable Design Julie Begtrup and Ditte Vad by Woud

The Arc sidetable is designed by Julie Begtrup and Ditte Vad for the Danish label WOUD.  It’s a praktical sidetable with hidden storage space. The top is rotatable, by turning it you open the storage space under the top, useful for items such as books, a tablet or remote controls. The Arc sidetable is available in black ash or in white ash, it is 45 cm high and has a diameter of 42 cm. The top opens and closes very easy, you can leave it open to show if your favorite items or you close it and all is hidden.

Julie Begtrup and Ditte Vad

The two talented designers started working together during their studies and found that they share the same aesthetic sense, view on materials and expressions in their designs. The two friends worked on the Arc series during a period of time when they lived together. It started with sketches on paper and ended with a prototype made by hand. ‘When we are creating a new design, we aim to create honest, timeless and functional products that allow dynamic interaction between the design and its user’.


On a cold night in January 2014 Mia and Torben Koed felt it was time for change. After working 30 years in production and sales of private label furniture manufacturer, they wanted to challenge themselves professionally. This was the start of the Danish label WOUD. A brand with high ambitions and high quality rooted in Nordic Design tradition. The founding idea was to supply perfection and sharing the love for honest Design. The result is a stunning Collection.


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