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Cinquanta Floor Design Vittoriano Vigano for Astep

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Cinquanta Floor Design Vittoriano Vigano for Astep

The Cinquanta floor Lamp is designed by the Italian architect Vittoriano Vigano. The floor lamp Cinquanta has a light movable cap of aluminium which can rotate and tilt, so direct light can be turned to indirect light. The floor lamp stands gracefully on a slender black aluminum frame.  The on/off switch is located on the hood and the size of the lamp is 147 cm high, 55 cm wide and 104 cm deep. The delivery time of the lamp is 5 days. In addition to the standard version you can also choose the Mondriaan version of the Cinquanta floor lamp with black frame and Mondriaan Colors.


A LED light puts 90 percent of the energy into light and only 10 percent into heat. A conventional light bulb does exactly the opposite, a lot of energy is lost in heat. A Led bulb consumes less power to produce the same light output. This is a considerable reduction in use of electricity and this is good for the environment. LED bulbs have a longer service life than other light sources. So it’s cheaper and better for the environment to use Led light sources instead of conventional light bulbs. The light source of the Cinquanta Floor is a 12 Watt LED light source corresponding to the light output of a 75 Watt conventional light bulb. The color of the light is 2700 K, what we experience as  warm light. The LED Light source is included with the delivery of the lamp.


Astep is a Danish design label with Italian roots. The family Sarfatti,Grandfather Gino, Father Riccardo  and son Alessandro Sarfatti are the founders of this beautiful lighting brand. They bring in addition to famous classics from the 50 years also new products with very innovative techniques on the market. Astep creates new products for the home – objects that give digital technologies a more meaningful standing in our domestic lives. Honoring evolution in design, they also re-edit iconic objects: timeless works by Gino Sarfatti and Vittoriano Viganò that were born from the same optimistic forward-thinking attitude that continues to inspire us today.

Vittoriano Vigano

Vittoriano Vigano was born in Milan in 1919. He he graduated in Architecture at the Polytechnic School of Milan in 1944. Vittoriano worked in different fields from industrial design to architecture. Vittoriano was Art Director of Arteluce, the company founded by Gino Sarfatti. For Arteluce he designed numerous luminaires as well as the flagship store in via della Spiga in Milan.


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