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Triple 400 Ceiling lamp design Tapio Anttila by Innolux


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Triple 400 Ceiling lamp design Tapio Anttila by Innolux

The Triple 400 Ceiling lamp is designed by Tapio Anttila for Innolux. It is a special ceiling lamp because of the soft contours that look like a cloud on a sunny day. The shade is light and offers even and efficient lighting through the three dimmable light sources. Creating atmosphere is the main objective for the design of this ceiling lamp by Tapio Antilla. The diameter of the lamp is 40 cm and the height is 13 cm. The material of the cap is white transparent acrylic. The Innolux product nr. is 330535.


The Triple 400 Ceiling Lamp has three E27 fittings and is supplied with three dimmable LED light sources. The light sources of the Triple Ceiling Lamp are 4 Watt light sources whose light output corresponds to the light output of 3 pieces of 25 Watt conventional  lamps. The color of the light is 2700K which we experience as warm white light.

Tapio Anttila

Finnish interior designer Tapio Anttila is an award winning and versatile designer. His work is characterised by simplicity, an ascetic form language, functionality and his subtle humor. Tapio Anttila has for his designs received several high-profile international design awards and he was also furniture designer of the year 2012 by the Finnish Association of designers Ornamo.


Innolux is a Finnish lighting manufacturer and lighting specialist, founded in 1993. They have their own production in Finland where more than 80% of the products are produced. The beautiful design and high quality Innolux products are a long-lasting source of well-being for your home. In addition to a design collection, Innolux also has a collection of Bright Light with some daylight lamps that help you to reduce winter depression.


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