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X Tend Coat Rack Design Thomas Pedersen by LoCa

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X Tend Coat Rack Design Thomas Pedersen by LoCa

The X Tend coat rack is designed by Thomas Pedersen. It is a very simple coat rack made of recycled plastic of which you can determine the shape yourself. The Xtend coat rack is already particularly beautiful without a coat. It is a DIY kit consisting of eight black arms of 30 cm long recycled plastic, four wooden buttons with a diameter of 63 mm (oak or walnut) and six brass buttons in 28 mm and 38 mm. In other words, a Coat Rack with many combination possibilities and also the possibility to combine two or more sets. This way you can create the coat rack that you want, which fits in every type of house and on every wall. There is a choice of two types of wooden knobs, the light oak knobs or the darker walnut knobs.

Thomas Pedersen

For Thomas Pedersen is Nature an important source of inspiration. That’s why you can find many organic shapes in his designs in which he is also innovative by the use of new materials or production methods. Thomas Pedersen believes that furniture should first and foremost be designed in relation to the human body. He has already designed a number of design classics including the Icicle side tables and the Stingray armchair.


The start of LoCa began in a garage in Herfølge, Denmark in 1992. Engineer Thorkild Lundsgaard had redecorated his eldest daughter’s room when it was time to perfect his work with a stylish coat rack. He couldn’t find the right one on the market and decided to go into the garage and make a wooden coat rack. The prototype was never assembled, but the process was set in motion. Thorkild felt he knew something important and contacted designers Harrit & Sørensen. Together they developed LoCa’s first product, the coat rack called KNAX.


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