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Arigato Double Ceiling Lamp AR-C2 Design Grupaproducts




Arigato Double Ceiling Lamp AR-C2 Design Grupaproducts

The Arigato Double Ceilling lamp AR-C2 is part of the Arigato series. The Arigato lamps stand out by their strong industrial design and simplicity in combination with very comfortable light. The Arigato double ceiling lamp AR-C2 is optimal adjustable and has a small cap to cover the light source, to ensure a glare-free light. The lamp has four steel tubes 42 cm long and and two aluminum hoods with a diameter of 22 cm. It is available in satin black or satin white. The total maximum height of the lamp is about 40 – 100 cm. In the Arigato series are also a single ceiling lamp, a wall lamp, a table lamp and floor lamp available.

LED lighting

The light sources of the Arigato Double Ceilling Lamp are two 8 Watt LED light sources with a light output correspondieng with the light output of two 60 Watt conventional light bulbs. The color of the light is 2700 K, what we experience as warm white light. The LED Light sources are included with the lamp.


Grupaproducts is a design studio and manufacturer from Croatia of handmade design products with high quality. The products are distinguished by their innovative design, minimalism and functionality.


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