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Damn Fashionista Pendant Light Design by US for WattaLamp

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Damn Fashionista Pendant Light Design by US for WattaLamp

The Damn Fashionista Pendant Light is designed by the Danish company Design by US for Wattalamp. They combine a retro look with modern materials. This Pendant is a good example of this. A typical Retro lamp with a hood of clear glass and copper connections. The pattern of the clear glass provides a pleasant light. The Damn Fashionista Pendant light is available in two sizes, the Small has a diameter of 15 cm and the Large has a diameter of 30 cm. In this series, is also a floor lamp and a table lamp available.


The light source of the Damn Fashionista Pendant light is a 6 Watt LED light source corresponding to the light output of a 40 Watt conventional light bulb. The color of the light is 2700 K, what we experience as  warm light. The LED Light source is included with the lamp.


The Danish manufacturer Wattalamp is born out of a fascination for light and a passionate commitment to technology, design and quality. Wattalamp is proud of her first collection, co-authored by the two established Danish designers Rikke Hagen and Andreas Lund. The products of Watts a Lamp characterised by functionality, good details and applying new technology.

Design by US

DESIGN BY US is established in the year of 1999. Rasmus Von Larsson is educated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, KADK. “Ras” which he is called in daily mouths have in many years, been working all around design, especially in the furniture, light & interior design. The company where shaped out of an experimental environment and creative playground, where ideas and designs were born and verified. The young designers style was fashionable-modern, humoristic and provocative. Even though Design By Us has expanded into a full-grown design company, those are still the values that defines the company as we know it today.


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