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Dolly Floor lamp Design Louise Hederström by Bsweden



Dolly Floor lamp Design Louise Hederström by Bsweden

The Dolly Floor Lamp was designed by Louise Hederström for BSweden. It is a playful floor lamp where a large  white acrylic sphere rests on a metal frame. You can turn the sphere, so you can place the connection and the cord as you want and change the appearance. The Dolly floor lamp can be dimmed in three steps. The frame is available in different colors. The height of the lamp is 130 cm and the diameter of the sphere is 36 cm. The cord of the lamp is white and has a length of 400 cm.

Colors Dolly Floor Lamp

The Dolly floor lamp is available in five colors: Green RAL 6018, White, Yellow RAL 1018, Turquoise RAL 5018, Gray RAL 7037 and Orange RAL 2012.


The light source of the Dolly Floor lamp is a 6 Watt LED light source corresponding to the light output of a 60 Watt conventional light bulb. The color of the light is 2700 K, we experience this as warm white light. The LED Light source is included with the lamp.


Louise Hederström

Louise Hederström is a furniture designer from Malmö. After graduating from the Beckmans School of Design in Stockholm in 1998, she now runs her own design company. Its clients include some of the most respected manufacturing companies in Scandinavian design, such as Offecct, Skagerak and Maze. Louise regularly takes part in exhibitions in Sweden and abroad. She also works with Carina Grefmar under the Grefmar + Hederström brand


Bsweden was founded in 1993 by Gunnel Svensson. The name of the company was actually Belysningsbolaget but because nobody could pronounce this it became Bsweden. It is a trend-setting Swedish manufacturer of design lighting, with production only in Sweden. They have won important international awards such as the Good Design, Blueprint and the UK Furniture Industry Award. Their designers are Swedish, Danish and Icelandic. You can find their lamps in many prestigious locations worldwide, such as Oslo and Stockholm Airport, The Great Eastern Hotel and Harrods in London and The National Museum of Ireland in Dublin. 


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