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Double Bottle Carafe Design Eva Harlou for Mater


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Double Bottle Carafe Design Eva Harlou for Mater

The Double Bottle Carafe Design Eva Harlou for Mater is a very decorative carafe with two containers for liquids. The carafe is made from mouth-blown borosilicate glass. This glass was originally used for laboratory glassware and is well known for the high level of resistance to thermal differences, making the Double Bottle Decanter suitable for both hot and cold liquids. Fill it with oil and vinegar, sparkling and flat water, water and red wine, aperol and prosecco, or any other combination that you want to present. The base of the carafe is oak, and the containers are closed with a cork. The Double Bottle decanter 25 cm high and 20 cm wide, the container in the middle has a capacity of 300 ml, and the surrounding container has a volume of 1400 ml. You will always steal the show with this Double Bottle Carafe on the table.

Eva Harlou

Eva Harlou is a Danish architect who graduated in 2003 from Aarhus School of Architecture. Harlou’s designs illustrate her Scandinavian sense of form, function and beauty while at the same time working internationally ambitiously and always creating something unique. Harlou has been awarded with “Best Breakthrough Designer” by Wallpaper * Magazine in 2007, and has her own architectural firm in Copenhagen from where she designs both buildings and furniture.


Mater is a conscious and ethical design brand with a strong design philosophy and great craftsmanship. Through collaborations with an external base of established and fresh design talent, Mater combines exclusive high-end furniture and lighting, with working methods that support people, local craft traditions and the environment. The aesthetic of Mater has clear references to Scandinavian minimalism and the designs are all made with sustainably or ethically sourced materials.

Mater according to CEO and Founder Henrik Marstrand: “Mater means ‘ mother ‘ in Latin. The name is the daily reminder of our small contribution to preventing the challenges ‘ mother earth ‘ faces. Design influences how we as humans live our lives; It shapes values, culture and society. Unfortunately, we are increasingly aware that the choices made during design processes often have environmental consequences. However, as a manufacturer, we have the opportunity to rethink and create ethical and dubious practices sustainable design that minimises adverse social and environmental impacts. “


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