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Wobble Vase Design Ton Haas by Goods


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Wobble Vase Design Ton Haas by Goods

The Wobble Vase is a design from Ton Haas for the Dutch Designlabel Goods. Once filled with water and flowers, this vase does indeed wobble until it reaches its natural centre of balance, which can also be at asymmetrical tilt. In terms of elegance, simplicity and a sense of playfulness, the Wobble was chosen by the ID Award jury as best design. Citing a sense of humour in the designer’s decision to introduce the unexpected – a base that is not a base and does not provide stability – the jurors found the leap refreshing.

Models and colors

The Wobble is available in three different models the 35, the 45 and the 75 and in the colours clear and blue. The Wobble vase is a stock item, you can receive it in 2 to 3 working days.

Ton Haas

Industrial designer Ton Haas is a world citizen. His domicile is in Havana, Cuba, but Haas travels all across the world in order to bring about projects and products with different clients. For this reason, the range of Haas’ designs is large: from office chairs for the business market to vases and drinking glasses for the consumer market. His love for other cultures is reflected in his collaboration with Fair Trade, with which he developed a series of accessories with the help of African craftsmen. A trip to South America yielded surprising ceramic products after getting inspired by the culture and way of living there. Cultural influences are always reflected in Haas’ designs. His contemporary work has received many awards, such as the “ID Award”, “iF product design award” and “best of the best”. The latter is the highest possible award at the Red Dot Design Awards. In 2011, Haas also received the Design Plus Material Vision award.


The Wobble vases are produced by Goods  a brand founded in 1995, inspired by the human being’s ancient custom of gift-giving. Nowadays, the collection consists of prominent home accessories and small furniture by Dutch designers. These designers are both internationally acclaimed and young talents. Products from Goods are widely available in international museums, such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Iceland Design Centre.


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