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Stingray Rocking Chair Design Thomas Pedersen Fredericia


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Stingray Rocking Chair Design Thomas Pedersen for Fredericia

The Stingray Rocking Chair designed by Thomas Pedersen for Fredericia is a dynamic rocking chair. The comfortable Stingray invites you to sit back and relax in a variety of ergonomic positions. Thomas Pedersen is very much inspired by the organic forms in nature and in the Stingray he found the smooth shape for the Stingray Rocking Chair. The frame of the Chair is as light as possible without unnecessary cross connections, as a result, it looks as if the scale floats. The Stingray Rocking Chair now has its place found in many living rooms, lounge areas and bedrooms all over the world. The scale is available in white, black, Matt white or matte grey plastic. For the frame, you may choose from chrome, white, black or flint grey. There is also a stainless steel frame available for the outdoor version. The Stingray is 114 cm deep, 120 cm wide, 84 cm high and the seat height is 34 cm.


Fredericia was founded as a Danish Design label, born of a proud heritage. A legacy of unparalleled dedication to the perfection and development of the art of designing. The simple principles such as quality, selection of materials, functionality and attention to detail are the basis for the collection. In addition, they are proud to have a long-term cooperation with a carefully chosen international designers, all known for their exceptional level and great products. The result is a high quality collection that is valued by connoisseurs worldwide.

Thomas Pedersen

For Thomas Pedersen is Nature an important source of inspiration. That’s why you can find many organic shapes in his designs in which he is also innovative by the use of new materials or production methods. Thomas Pedersen believes that furniture should first and foremost be designed in relation to the human body. He has already designed a number of design classics including the Icicle side tables and the Stingray armchair.



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